Emergency preparedness, business continuity, crisis management, emergency management: These and other related terms are often discussed as if they are synonyms that all refer to the process of responding to and mitigating a crisis even. At ERUdyne, we believe that the challenge with viewing them in this way creates gaps in the “planning for recovery” process that our firm views as critical to maintaining business resilience and building a culture of business tenacity.

Emergency preparedness and emergency management focus on the long-established field of disaster response and recovery (such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other significant incidents). Traditionally, this has been the job of public safety and government organizations. Business continuity and crisis management are corporate terms and have historically resided in a large company in their legal, corporate security or operations departments. Although the public and private sector definitions and functions may be similar during an event, they are very different before and after. These are the gaps when you combine or interchange the terms.

ERUdyne customizes all of our programs based on client requirements. We have developed a proprietary methodology that we deploy to support our client’s mission. We would be happy to walk you through our approach and show you how we can help you solve your complex challenges in a dynamic world.

Crisis Management Support

ERUdyne and our team are leading the industry for adaption of technology to solve Crisis Management and Disaster Response challenges. Our team is trained in basic Security and Safety, Incident Command Systems (ICS) Emergency Management and Crisis Communications. Our support services include:

• Rapid Response Team Deployment
• Mobile Crisis Management Operations Center
• Deployment(mCMOC)
• Crisis Management Response as a Service (CMRaaS)
• Risk Assessments
• Business Resilience & Continuity Planning
• Post Incident Long Term Recovery Planning
• Emergency Response Plan Development
• Insider Threat Assessments
• Infrastructure Protection Planning

Crisis Management Institute

The ERUdyne Crisis Management Institute’s (ECMI) objective is to train the Current and Future workforce in all aspects of Crisis Management. The ECMI includes:

• Corporate Crisis Management
• Public Safety Crisis Management
• Executive Level Crisis Management
• Business Resilience (including Small Business Resilience and Succession Development)
• Critical Infrastructure Protection (by sector)
• Cryptocurrency Investigations
• ERUdyne’s UAS Academy Drone Flight School (Commercial Drone Pilot Training)
• Cross Cultural Crisis Communications and Leadership
• Media Relations

Unmanned Aerial Systems Academy

As the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) begins to relax autonomous flying
regulations for drones, emergency drone capabilities to support emergency
response and catastrophe management are developing in a variety of ways.
Testing, research, and development are advancing the drone business and
expanding the realm of possibility.

The market for drone services is anticipated to reach $63.6 billion by 2025, following a period of significant growth in recent years. The following industries are driving this growth and extension of use cases: building and engineering, fossil and renewable energy, telecommunications, media, insurance, and public safety.

The Academy’s mission to create an environment in which participants improve their skills, knowledge, and experience with all aspects of the UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) industry. At the core of the UAS Academy is ERUdyne’s Commercial Drone Operations Certification. his certification program sets industry standards for commercial drone pilots whether they are using drones in a commercial or a public safety capacity.

• Basic Drone Operations (BDO)
• Advanced Drone Operations (ADO)
• Basic Deployment/Visual Observer Operations (VOO)
• Public Safety / Emergency Response Operations (PSER)
• FAA 107 Certification Test Prep

Crisis Management Exercise Services

At ERUdyne, we believe that proper planning and continual exercise training is key to building a strong crisis mitigation strategy. Our exercise services include:

• Senior Leader Exercises
• Business Continuity Planning Exercises
• Insider Threat Exercises
• Active Shooter Exercises
• Risk Mitigation Exercises
• Situational Awareness Exercises
• Recovery-Based Scenarios for Business and Community Organizations
• Exercise Design, Planning and Execution

Problem Solving

At ERUdyne, our team of Crisis Management professionals and Military Veterans bring a unique problem solving skillset. They’re used to doing more with less through congressional budget cuts and continuous process improvement. They have worked all over the world is austere conditions.

Our team will provide you with valuable outsider perspective and innovative thought process to bring you unique outside the box options to incorporate into your continuity plan. Don’t stress over a problem that continues to plague your company, call ERUdyne where no problem is too big.

Critical Infrastructure Protection Center

Disaster Recovery Construction Management Institution

Project Management

• Critical Infrastructure Protection (sector -based)
• Building Public / Private partnerships
• Community Recovery Planning
• America’s Water Infrastructure Act

• Disaster Recovery Construction Management
• Disaster Recovery Facilities Management
• Disaster Recovery Construction Project Management

• Project Managers
• Project Professionals
• Project Officers
• Advanced Organizational Training


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