Business Partners

ERUdyne has built a Partnership Program to provide crisis support to our clients, military in transition, military spouses, dependents, veterans and first responders nationwide. Our program encompasses an ecosystem of resources that address ALL aspects of crisis support to meet your needs. From business continuity plans too technology we have the ecosystem to meet your needs and exceed your expectations:

ReadyOp is the industry leading Command, Control and Communication Platform (C3). ReadyOp goes beyond C3 and enables your organization to customize forms, track patients or assets, create schedules and so much more. You’re not ready until you have ReadyOp.

EAGL gunshot and detection system is one of the industry leaders which revolutionize gunshot detection. Use it as a deterrence factor, while having the peace of mind if a incident happens you can respond swiftly and accurately to eliminate the threat and save lives.

Blockchain Intelligence Group builds technology to power compliance and intelligence for the blockchain-centric future. Leaders use their solutions to  transact cryptocurrency or power complex investigations into criminal activity using digital currencies. Banks and crypto companies depend on their technology to monitor risk from crypto transactions. Investigators and law enforcement quickly identify and track illicit activity. 

VerticalGeo has been providing 2-D and 3-D mapping, vertical obstruction identification and assessment, and surveying services for the Department of Defense since 2006.  Their talented team of GIS Professionals and Photogrammetrists, and use advanced technologies to provide practical, cost-effective, and long-term geospatial solutions.

Kenjya-Trusant is well-poised to respond quickly and effectively to our customers’ most pressing needs. Their thorough understanding of the Intelligence Community, Defense Department, and Federal Government management practices, combined with the ability to hire top-notch professionals, sets them apart from most traditional government contractors.

Created an end-to-end autonomous drone solution to enable efficiency, automation, scalability, and agility for your organization.

Engagement Process

ERUdyne takes what seems impossible to you and gets the job done. We take the impossible and make possible a reality. This is accomplished through the hard work and dedication of ERUdyne employees, interns and fellows. We work closely with our business partners leveraging technology and skills in the focus areas needed. Working closely with your company or organization, we find a clear and simplistic path to our common solution.


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