How ERUdyne Supports Crisis Management

Support Services


ERUdyne's Support Team provides:

  • Crisis Management Support
  • Risk Assessments
  • Business Resilience Planning
  • Post Incident Long Term Recovery Planning
  • Emergency Response Plan Development
  • Insider Threat Assessments
  • Infrastructure Protection Planning

Training Sessions


ERUdyne's Training Center Programs Includes:

  • ERUdyne's Drone Flight School (Commercial Drone Pilot Training; Vocational Training; NextGen Drone Camp for Youth; Drone Clinics)
  • Crisis Management
  • Media Relations
  • Business Resilience (including Small Business Resilience and Succession Development)
  • Cross Cultural Crisis Communications and Leadership

Exercise Support


ERUdyne's Exercise Services Include:

  • Senior Leader Exercises
  • Business Based Scenarios such as Insider Threat; Active Shooter; Risk Mitigation; 
  • Recovery-Based Scenarios for Business and Community Organizations
  • Exercise Design, Planning and Execution for all types of exercises from Workshops/TableTops through Full Scale 

Customized Programs


ERUdyne customizes all of our programs based on client requirements.  We have developed a proprietary methodology that we deploy to support our client's mission. We would be happy to walk you through our approach and show you how we can help you solve your complex challenges in a dynamic world.

Speaking Engagements


ERUdyne's Subject Matter Experts are frequently sought after speakers both in industry and government settings.

  • Industry Conferences (Insurance, Communications, Transportation, Security, Financial Services and more)
  • Association Programs (Banking, Government, Military and more)
  • Topics Across Sectors (Risk Management, Drone Services, Business Resilience, Emergency Management, and more)

Non Profit Support Programs


ERUdyne's team brings business acumen to non-profit management challenges.

  • Safety and Security
  • Membership Development
  • Program Support
  • Crisis Communications
  • Crisis Management
  • Partnership Program Development